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How can I buy a digital product on G2A.COM?

 You just found out about our website and you’re not sure how things work on Look no further, here’s how you can buy a digital product on!

How do I look for digital products on your marketplace?


First, take a look and see what you want to buy. Are you looking for a specific game? A Gift Card maybe? That’s cool, you can find all that you need using the categories and/or the search bar on our main page

I found what I want to buy, what do I do now?


That’s great – now that you’ve found what you were looking for, you should check the details of the product to make sure that it will work for you. Here you will find:

  1. How to check the platform of the product?
  2. How to check the region of the product?

You checked everything? Fantastic! Now you can move on to adding the product to your cart by selecting the seller from which you want to purchase.

You can either choose to buy from the recommended offer (just click the green button “Buy now”), or you can scroll down to select the offer that you like the most by checking the list of all available offers (click the blue cart button on the right of each offer to buy from it).

Each seller has a few details that you can check about him:

  • The number of sales that he made;
  • The percentage of positive feedback that he received (you can check the comments tha the received);
  • Whether he issues invoices or not.

Once you’ve decided on the seller you want to buy from, you can either continue shopping or go to the cart to finalize your purchase.

Do all sellers have instant delivery?


Good question! It’s true that most of the sellers on have “Instant delivery” offers, which means that they deliver your product as soon as the order is processed and completed.

However, some smaller sellers are not able to do that and need more time to send the product. Such sellers have their offer listed under “Up to 24h delivery offer”. It will look like that

Make sure to check that carefully if you want to have your purchase delivered to you asap.

I’ve added the products to my cart, how do I complete my purchase?


You’re almost there! It’s now time to check your cart and see if you’ve added all that you needed.

There are a few things that you can check in your cart:

  • The item(s) and the quantity that you have added;
  • The seller from which you are buying your product;
  • Whether you have added enough to qualify for the Reward Chest bonus.

If everything is fine, you can now:

  1. Tick the box “I have read and accepted the Terms & Conditions”;
  2. Write your e-mail address – you will receive the cd-keys for your products on the e-mail that you write here, so please keep that in mind and make sure that you use a working e-mail address and that there is no typo/mistake in it!
  3. Click on “Go to payment”.

This will take you to our checkout, where you will be able to complete the payment for your purchase.

I paid for my order, is there anything else I should do?

Of course not! Once you paid, you will be taken to the order status page and the order will be processed by our system as soon as we receive the payment for it. Depending on the payment method that you used, this process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, so stay calm and relax – you order will be completed as soon as possible!

Once we get the funds for your order, the cd-key (or keys if you purchased more than one) will be delivered to you via e-mail:

  • For products purchased from “instant delivery” offers – the cd-keys will be delivered in a few seconds;
  • For products purchased from “Up to 24h delivery offer” – the cd-keys will be delivered once the seller is ready to send them to you.

You can also receive your keys directly from the order status page and from your G2A account after the order is completed.

I purchased a digital product – How do I receive my CD-key?

That’s great to hear! Now that you’ve purchased a cd-key on G2A.COM for a game or any kind of software, there are basically 3 different ways for you to receive it:

  • Via your browser right after your order is completed;
  • Via an e-mail sent to the address you used for your purchase;
  • Via the “My collection” tab on your G2A account.

How can I receive my key after my purchase is completed?


The first option is given to you straight after you complete your payment and your order is finalized. Do not close your browser and wait till you see a page confirming that your order was completed successfully. There, just click on “Get CD KEY” and that’s it – you can claim your cd-key!

How can I receive my key via e-mail?


Please don’t worry if you didn’t get your key immediately via your browser. Each time you complete a purchase on G2A.COM, your cd-key is sent to you in an e-mail using the address that you entered in the shopping cart (right before going to the checkout).

To get your key this way, open the mailbox of the e-mail address that you’ve used in your purchase and search for a “G2A.COM: Shipment” e-mail. Once you found it, open it and you will see a blue button “Get your key” – click it and this will redirect you to a page where you can display your key.

If you can’t find the shipment e-mail in your mailbox, make sure you check the spam/junk folders of your mailbox as well – they can often get stuck there. You should also give a few minutes for your mailbox to update itself – sometimes it can take a few minutes for this e-mail to appear in your mailbox.

How can I receive my key via the “My collection” tab on my G2A account?


If you have a registered G2A account, the “My collection” tab is the default place where you will find all your purchased cd-keys. You can think of it as a personal library on G2A.COM. You can access it at any time via your dashboard once you login to your G2A account.

I didn’t receive my CD-key or any e-mail. What should I do?

You just made a purchase but didn’t receive any e-mail from us in your mailbox? Well, that’s unexpected… but then again – unexpected things can happen from time to time, what’s important is what we do with them.

If you didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation about the order you just made, please do the following:

1) Check the Spam/Junk folders on your mailbox to make sure that there are no new messages in them.

E-mail notifications are often confused with spam by some mailboxes. Because of that, please make sure to check your spam/junk folders to see if the e-mail didn’t end up there by mistake..

2) Double check the e-mail address that you entered in the shopping cart during your purchase.

Is there any chance that you used a different address or made a typo in the one you used? Please make sure to check your other mailboxes just in case to see if the e-mail isn’t there, perhaps you only used a different e-mail than you think.

3) Check the status of your order in the “Orders history” and “My Collection” tabs of your G2A Account.

If your order has the status “Waiting for payment” or “Processing”, then this is why you haven’t received any e-mail about your order. An e-mail with your CD-key is sent only once your order is completed.

4) Make sure to check if you haven’t perhaps purchased a pre-order

Games that are purchased as pre-orders will delivered on the release date. Until then, you order will have the status “processing” until the seller is able to deliver your cd-key on the release date (once he delivers the key, the status of your order will change to “Complete”).

More details find on the site G2A